April Release – Help, where is my classic view webclient?

Problem: Last week I created a new Dynamics 365 CE trial for a presentation. After creating the trial environment I could choose between one of the following apps:


Clicking on “Dynamics 365 – custom” usually guided me to the “classic view CRM”. But not this time, I got the new unified interface:


Solution: Microsoft deactivated by design the classic view. To enable the “old” view follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the advanced settings. This brings you to the familiar CRM-settings page.image
  2. Go to the system settings (“Administration” –> “System Settings”).
  3. In the tab “General”, go to to following setting,  choose “No” and click “OK”image
  4. Go back to your CRM and here we go, you have back the classic view Webclient.
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