Cannot remove the field “Name” from the lead form?

Problem: On the lead entity we only want to have the customer field (account or contact) and remove the field “Name” (fullname).  If we try to remove the field from the form, we are getting an error:


The field itself is marked as optional:


So why can we not remove the field from the form?

Solution: The fullname is a composite field of two fields: “firstname” and “lastname”. If one field of a composite field is marked as required the hole composite field will be required on the form. (it doesn’t matter if the field is required or not.)

In our case it was the field “lastname” which was marked as required. After changing that to “optional”, we could successfully remove the field from the form.

Sitemap-Editor in Dynamics 365 – Well done Microsoft!

Did you already use the new sitemap-editor in Dynamics 365? If not, do it!

First time I used it, when I was trying to edit the sitemap in XrmToolBox. It said:


So I did the following:

  1. Create a new solution per example “procrm.sitemap” and add the sitemap to it:
  2. Now, open the sitemap with a double-click. Here we go, the new sitemap-editor pops up:
  3. Now add by drag’n’drop new sections, groups and per example entites:

Latest version compatibility overview

Nice overview of the version compatibility and also nice information about solutions can be found here:


How to detect deactivated business rules of all entities?

Problem: Sometimes after a deployment of customizations business rules are deactivated. (Reason unknown..)

How can we check now all business-rules for their state if we don’t want to open every entity and check every single rule for its state? image

Solution: By the advanced find! (Column “Status”)