Logic app error “Entity: xy_entity isn’t enabled for change tracking”

Last week I created a new Logic app, which should trigger, when a record is modified. So I added the trigger, set the Entity to “xy_entity”. First time the logic app triggered I was getting the following error:


"status": 412,
"message": "Entity: xy_entity isn't enabled for change tracking. Please take a look at the link for more details: https://technet.microsoft.com/library/3fa9c316-9dc9-4b28-9abf-43a3fce5b01d.aspx",
"source": "mycrm.crm4.dynamics.com",
"errors": [],
"debugInfo": "clientRequestId: 8a853565-7bc5-0000-9683-9b5a03dc2fce"

I forgot to enable the “Change Tracking” option on the entity.


After enabling it, everything worked fine.